Comparison of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12

Released last year, the iPhone 12 series is still a hot topic of conversation. It's no secret, Apple routinely releases its cell phone products once a year, unlike its competitors. The phones they present are also in the premium class and always have a buzz.

The iPhone 12, which is still being boasted of bringing a powerful and fast processor, dual rear cameras, 5G network and a MagSafe feature that allows it to magnetically connect to other mobile accessories. Then, how does it compare to the iPhone 11?

Design of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12

There are four models on the iPhone 12, namely the iPhone 12 Mini (5.4 inches), the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro (6.1 inches), and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inches). For comparison, there are only three devices for the iPhone 11 series, namely the iPhone 11 (6.1 inches), iPhone 11 Pro (5.8 inches), and iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5 inches).

Basically, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are the same size. However, the iPhone 12 weighs about an ounce lighter than its predecessor, according to the CNet website, Tuesday, February 23, 2021.

There are some major differences in the design of each phone. Both have an IP68 rating for water resistance, don't have a headphone jack, and have wireless charging capabilities. But the iPhone 12 has an OLED screen, while the iPhone 11 has an LCD screen.

The iPhone 12 also has a design that's completely flat along the edges, with no raised buttons, like the iPhone 11. The latest generation comes in five color variants, dark blue, mint green, red, white and black. While the iPhone 11 comes in six colors, black, white, purple, green, yellow, and red.

Refresh rate of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12

There is speculation that the iPhone 12 Pro screen will have a 120Hz refresh rate and a ProMotion display. But the fact is, both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have a refresh at 60 frames per second, or 60Hz.

Camera iPhone 11 and iPhone 12

As is usually the case with new iPhones, the iPhone 12 has improved the camera capabilities, especially for the iPhone 12 Pro model. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini mostly stick with the iPhone 11 camera design, consisting of the main, ultrawide and selfie cameras.

They also offer a Night Mode which now works on both ultrawide and selfie cameras, as well as an improved HDR mode for scenes with both light and dark elements.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max get major photographic upgrades, including a larger image sensor and a telephoto camera for subjects farther away. The iPhone 12 Pro has a 2x zoom telephoto lens, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max extends to a 2.5x zoom.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 only has Night Mode and an ultrawide camera that can add extra detail in photos, as well as good video quality.

5G Network of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12

All iPhone 12 models offer 5G cellular connectivity. This means that mobile phones can take advantage of high-speed wireless networks on the go. While the iPhone 11 does not offer that fifth generation network connectivity.

Battery life and processing speed of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12

The iPhone 11 has an Apple A13 Bionic processor, while the iPhone 12 has an Apple A14 Bionic processor that offers higher speed, improved camera and browsing experience. While it's hard to see an increase in speed with the A13 chip, the processor will be capable of adopting newer versions of iOS.

Although the Cupertino-based company doesn't reveal the battery capacity of the phone, in battery tests on the iPhone 12, the device lasted more than 17 hours. Then the iPhone 11 is only about 14 hours.

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